How to cook eggplant?

Eggplant tends to absorb fat and sagging, which is why some are afraid to prepare it. Remember that a fresh specimen has a firm, stain-free skin that should not be peeled. How to cook eggplant?

Do you avoid eggplants in a wide arc at the market or in the store, because they are difficult to prepare? Grilled eggplant or pan has great culinary potential, and to the accompaniment of Arabic or Mediterranean spices will surprise you with an unusual, slightly nutty flavor.

What eggplants should you buy?

Perfect eggplants are those that are not too hard. The skin should be shiny, tense, not wrinkled. When it comes to size, small specimens are best because they contain less bitterness and are milder in taste. Eggplant likes cold, so if you want to know how to store it best, find a place for it in the fridge or in a darkened basement.

Eggplants cheers – Why?

Because eggplants are very dietary. Provided you steam them. Eggplants fried in a frying pan – this is another pair of wellies. Especially if you generously spray them with oil, because they absorb it like a sponge. And then they really become caloric.

Eggplants help lower cholesterol. They are rich in plant fibers (fiber), which swell in the stomach, forming a kind of gel. And in this way they absorb fats and sugars from a meal. Thus, they regulate the intestinal passage.

At the same time, they are good for elevated cholesterol, diabetes and constipation. Eggplants are easily digestible. Eggplants are rich in polyphenols (antioxidants), which owe their characteristic color.

 How to cook eggplant?

How to cook? 

Preferably with a skin. Do not peel eggplant before cooking. In this way they will absorb less fat.

If you add too much oil, you can wrap your eggplants in a piece of absorbing paper. And wait until they are a little bit degreased.

The most dietarily eggplant will be sliced ​​and cooked by steaming. More about this in post What is steam cooking?

You can also fry them in a frying pan with olive oil, lemon juice and sprinkled with basil. If you wave your hand for calories or you don’t overdo it with fat (because they absorb it like a sponge).

Eggplants taste good in combination with tomatoes, onions, peppers, zucchini. This is a recipe for a popular French dish, ratatouille.

How to make eggplant puree from the oven

If you want to make eggplant puree, cut the vegetable in half, smear with olive oil and rub with garlic. Bake at 200 ° C for about 50 minutes. Then scrape the pulp with a spoon and crush with a blender. Then combine with spices. This eggplant base can be used as an addition to meats or sandwiches. It is also the basis for eggplant paste.

Recipe for eggplant rolls baked with cheese

Once you know how to prepare eggplant and how to use it, it’s worth reaching for one of the best recipes for aubergine and cheese casserole. This is a filling dinner proposition that impresses with its taste and is very simple to make. Warning! Here the eggplant should be cut into thin slices.


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