How to type faster?

Fast typing is useful for everyone. Both for the doctor, IT specialist, student or pupil. Currently, most texts are written using a computer. When we can write quickly on it, it is easier to achieve the intended results without wasting time and not frustrating the time we spend on it. How to type faster?

Learn to write your name

At the beginning it is very useful to learn to write at least one thing blindly. This gives motivation to continue working. An example of such a text is the name and surname that everyone knows. It is not a random text or unknown to us. So it’s easy to start with. This task involves writing your name frequently in a notebook, for example, until we do it as soon as possible and without looking at the keyboard. If you can, congratulations, this is the first step to typing quickly.


When we write someone’s text it is much harder to write it faster because we have to read this text and at the same time find the letters on the keyboard and enter it. That is why writing on your thoughts is a good facilitation for learning to type on the keyboard. To this end, we open a notebook and write what we think. It does not have to be in the correct form or properly placed punctuation marks. It’s just about learning how to transfer text from your head to your notebook. This is a good exercise for both beginners and people who want to improve their writing speed when they can write directly.

How to type faster?

Write everyday (whatever)

The scheme to improve your skills is almost always the same – the more often you do something, the better it starts to come out. So if you want to write faster and better, you should start writing everyday. These can be short posts, guides, reports or even a summary of the day in the diary.

Memorizing the position of letters on the keyboard

This exercise is to remember where each letter on the keyboard is. Ultimately, you need to reach a stage where we know exactly where each letter is on the keyboard. Then it is easier to go to the next stage, i.e. non-visual writing. It also helps you find the keys when you use the right finger position on the buttons.

Create a document outline

You’ve just learned the most inconspicuous and probably best kept secret of the most efficient copywriters: preparing the outline of a document. Before you start writing, you need to choose the most interesting topics and arrange a preliminary structure of content that will help you in organizing your work.

Visionless writing

Undoubtedly, we will achieve the biggest leap in writing speed without writing. Approaches are different. Some believe that it should be learned simultaneously with the placement of fingers on the keyboard, others that it should not. However, I am in favor of this second approach because it is easier. So no matter how you place your fingers on the keyboard, instead of looking at the keyboard you are looking at the typed text on the screen (remember to enlarge its size so that you can easily read it). In this task, you try to look at the keyboard as little as possible. You will quickly notice that searching for buttons takes time. That is why the combination of point 4 and learning the physical location of letters is so important here. Of course, you can’t write straight away. However, if you want to achieve this, you need to watch yourself to lower your eyes as rarely as possible.



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