How to burn fat?

Not only a restrictive diet and a sharp training regime will allow you to maintain a shapely figure. You need to know how to turn up your metabolism. Achieve this by making small changes in your life that will allow you to burn fat faster. One condition: you must apply most of them. How to burn fat?


You have already woken up, but your metabolism has not yet. To give him a signal that you are on your feet, be sure to eat breakfast, preferably within an hour of waking up.

Your metabolism has gone to sleep at night, so it is only the first meal that tells him that the day has already begun. To give your metabolism maximum kick in the morning, choose foods rich in fiber and protein, for example, full-grain cereals with low-fat milk and berries.

How to burn fat on the way to work

Parking the car a little further from your company may seem inefficient, but in this way you can also turn up your metabolism well, because you force yourself to move. As you march briskly into your office, you work for a moment to accelerate your heart rate, which lasts for some time – and stimulates overall metabolism. Other idea? Once you reach the building, take the stairs instead of the elevator to get to your desk.

Entrance to the office

Start work by drinking coffee. It will help you wake up and retort sharper puppies from your friend’s desk next door – but not only. Studies show that caffeine accelerates, albeit slightly, the metabolic rate. Just watch out for caramel-thickening additions, they are so sugary that they block the wonderful effect of coffee itself.

How to burn fat?

You need to eat to lose weight

Many people approach this issue very restrictively, rejecting more products and reducing daily calorie intake. To burn as many as possible, you should first of all ensure the regularity of meals consumed (4-5 a day) and their portions (do not overeat, but satisfy the feeling of hunger). You can also take care of the negative energy balance, but do not cut too many calories. Otherwise, you will slow down your metabolism, which will have exactly the opposite effect.

Remember to regenerate

Since we have already mentioned the diet, you also need to refer to training. Daily cardio training sessions lasting one and a half hours will not make you lose 10 kg in a week. Take care of regular exercise, but also the time necessary for the body to regenerate. A good solution will be 3-4 workouts per week. It is also worth considering the variety. Maybe you combine strength training with cardio or, for example, Zumba? This will prevent routine, and this will reduce the chances of you giving up on your way to your destination.

Take care of proper heart rate during exercise

The key to success is conducting the training at the right pace, in relation to our heart rate. For effort to burn fat, the range between 60 and 70% of its maximum value is best. In this way we can burn calories the fastest. Above this value, the body begins to draw energy from sugars, not fats, and this is not what we care about. Similarly, too low heart rate will reduce the effectiveness of the exercises.



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